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Our Screw Machines

The high production workhorse of our facility, Acme screw machines deliver high volume, precisely machined products in a cost effective manner.  High performance machining and quality setup is the most important piece of the puzzle.  Especially when cycle times can be 6 seconds or less for tens of thousands of pieces.

Overview of screw machines at Falmer Manufacturing

Falmer possesses eight machines which are six spindle machines ranging from 7/16” to 2” bar size that will machine parts down to as small as 1/8 inch and as big as 2 inches.  It is hard to beat the cutting speed, feed rate and cycle time of a screw machine.  To bring our clients the best price, our screw machine rule of thumb is to set our production run minimum at 5000.

Small brass product pieces by Falmer manufactured on their screw machine
Some of the smallest products made on our Screw Machines


With capabilities of milling materials from the soft (aluminum, brass) to the hard (stainless steel, titanium), and minimum tolerance of +/- .001, our screw machines can successfully complete many various jobs.  Some of the parts we have manufactured on our screw machines are:

  • High Performance Automotive
  • Solar Power Industry
  • Trucking/Heavy Equipment Industry
  • Railcar Hardware
  • Tooling Manufacture


A selection of Screw Machine Products produced at Falmer Manufacturing
A sampling of products produced on our Acme Screw Machines

Our screw machines are capable of a multitude of operations:

  • Drilling
  • Reaming
  • Tapping (Roll Form & Cut)
  • Knurling
  • Threading (Roll Form & Cut)
  • Broaching



To instill customer confidence with all orders we follow strict process controls from pre-production approval to final inspection.

So if you have a job that requires precision, speed and efficiency, screw machines may be your best bet.

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