CNC Machines

Driveshaft yoke produced by Falmer Manufacturing
Driveshaft yoke produced by Falmer Manufacturing: A) First the yoke was turned on the lathe from solid round bar B) The yoke is then completed using one of our CNC Machines


Our CNC department consists of 8 machines:  6 turning centers and 2 vertical machining centers.

We can machine up to 10-1/2″ diameter by 24″ inches in length.

Two of our turning centers have live tooling and sub-spindles, and one of them is a Swiss style machine.

Our vertical machining centers are equipped with a Haas 4th axis horizontal indexer.

Programming can be done off line using GeoPath Cad Cam software.



Three drive shaft yokes by Falmer Manufacturing on the CNC Machine
Three drive shaft yokes with different finishes produced by Falmer Manufacturing on the CNC Machine. A) Aluminum with no Finish B) Aluminum with Blue Anodized Finish C) Steel with Black Oxide Finish

List of Equipment

Daewoo Lynx 200 GL
Daewoo Puma 200-2SP
Daewoo Puma 230-MS
Doosan MV 4020
Milltronic SL6
Mori Seki SL-25B/500
Mori Seki MV JR
Tsugami BS32-III w/12’ LNS bar feeder



auger shaft produced by falmer Manufacturing
This auger shaft is one of the many products we produce on our CNC machines at Falmer Manufacturing
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